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Organization Services​

Has the clutter in your life become so overwhelming that it would be easier to ignore it than deal with it?  Take Charge! Organize. offers professional organization services for busy individuals.  Our specialties include whole house organizing, move-in services, paper management and filing systems for households and small businesses.

Home Organization

A cluttered, disorganized living space can create stress and drain your energy.  Take Charge! Organize will organize any room in your home and create a space that fits your current lifestyle.

  • Hands-on assistance to remove clutter

  • Maximize function in every room, closet and storage area

  • Simple, easy to manage storage solutions

  • Organize one room or the entire house, including the garage

Paper Management

Let Take Charge! Organize help you manage the heaps of papers that enter your life.  We'll customize filing systems to suit your personality and needs so your files and papers are easy to find when you need them.​


  • Daily paperwork and file management

  • Bill maintenance

  • Efficient filing systems

  • Desktop decluttering

Small Office Organization

Whether you are setting up a brand new office or want to clean up your existing home or small business office, Take Charge! Organize will put function back into your workspace.


  • Create efficient filing systems

  • Organize office, desks and workstations

  • Find information you need at your fingertips

  • Increase productivity and reduce stress

Total Move Management

Moving to a new home can be exciting.  It can also be overwhelming, stressfull and tiring.  Take Charge! Organize can help with your relocation needs so you can resume your normal routine as soon as possible.​


  • Help to decide what to pack

  • Donate, liquidate or relocate items you no longer need

  • Central point of contact for everyone involved in the move

  • Unpack and help you settle into your new home


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